Year 2003, Colm Donovan has a business in mind… a business.  He then traveled to Philippines, Vietnam, and China, to find the products that he wants.  He was not disappointed.  There, he found variety of stones that are definitely pieces of art.  He wanted the new company to specialize in natural stones.  Therefore, he focused on limestone, marbles, slates, and sandstones. The market welcomed this idea more than he expected.

Today, Top Stone Enterprises supplies major tile companies around Queensland.  Moreover, tile companies from Sydney and Melbourne recently joined our list of clients.  From a humble beginning of a container for storage of our products, we are now located in one of the most respectable and newest warehouse community, Burleigh West.

At present, Top Stone Enterprises have started from Turkey, Africa, and India.  For our future market, we will be sourcing from Spain, Peru, and Mexico.  Rest assured that you would continue to find different styles and different products as we move along with our journey.  Top Stone Enterprises have been known for its stocks of variety and quality.  In addition, we will to do so, for a better service to our customers. 

Where did the name Top Stone Enterprises come from?  From our products itself… they are all A class and of the top caliber.  We mean it when we say they are TOP STONE!